Protako 51 Lasser model

The Protako 5.1 meter Lasser model is 16 3/4 feet long and we cast a 4 oz weight + bait so far that after casting from a sand bar, we ran out of line on the reel before we could get back to the shore.   This is the top-of-the-line rod from Protako.   Comes in a 4.5 meter rod and we think a 5.3 meter although we haven't received this rod yet.

The pictures below give you an idea of fishing with the 51 Lasser rod such as this.    On the few days we fished with this pole, we were the only ones on the beach catching fish.   This was because we could get the line out further than anyone else.

jcsh51surf.jpg (22706 bytes)
We had to fish from this point as the fully spooled line was empty on the reel after the cast.

nh51pomp.jpg (39517 bytes)
Nice pompano with Lasser 51

Lasser 51 comes with nice case and double zipper to zip around if you want to leave reel on.  
Length fits in overhead storage bin of airplanes.   Note the full spool on the reel!