Protako 64 P.R.O model

The Protako 6.4 meter P.R.O model is 21 feet long and can cast 1 oz weight + bait a huge distance.  It is not as stiff as the 5.1 meter Lasser model which is better for 4 oz (up to 7 oz).

The pictures below give you an idea of fishing with a long surfcasting rod such as this.    Note the fish-on curvature in the second picture.

640fishon.jpg (30629 bytes)

640fishon2.jpg (22135 bytes)

640jup2.jpg (30248 bytes)

640jup1.jpg (25916 bytes)

On the new Jupiter Inlet concrete pier, without casting, we were able to fish with the bait 21 feet out hanging straight down past the rocks, so we could easily pick up fish that mingled at the base of the rocks.   We did not have to worry about the line tangling in rocks that surround the pier when we retrieved the fish or bait as others did.   Lasser 51 in foreground retracted.